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Leaderboard Mods:


ayooooo im bloons babey!! im absolutely cracked at mechanics, crafting, movement, and also verifying! i love DOMINATING the category extensions (FOUR WRs LMAO), and im also wildly fast at speedbuilding like its kinda insane lol. im also kinda cracked at pvp, 1v1 me on hypickle u wont >:) peep my sick ass persona the color choice is impeccable. i hav funy tweets and sick videos so go sub to me on my youtube and follow me on twt @bloobsbibber :]]] p.s. dad jokes are my specialty


@winona_rar is a 4 bedder and a clout getter. Enjoys cheddar and wears a green sweater. A shitpost spreader with a funny Twitter header. A 1.6 shredder who towers better.


Hi! I'm Hayley a.k.a. “Krystl” (she/her). I'm 20, I mainly run 1.16 RSG / SSG and occasionally dumb random categories here and there. I manage the website you're looking at right now, any SRC changes / news posts, verifier training and resources, the super secret top runners Discord, SSGcord, etc. I'm also Series Mod for the Minecraft series and handle any Java game requests on SRC. I'm very passionate when it comes to giving the community a voice on the leaderboard, overall transparency, and preserving Vanilla parity in runs. DMs open for any concerns (don't DM me about one of your runs, lol).

Leaderboard Verifiers:


Hello! I am a Minecraft Java Edition verifier and speedrunner, who currently specialises in the any% glitched category and its derivatives. As such, I have held both the random and set seed glitched world records (and hope to hold many others in the future), as well as made many renovations to the category. I have made a foray into many other categories though, as I believe the variety is integral to any speedrunning experience. I have and will continue to attempt to support the (unfairly maligned) glitched category, in addition to other categories.  In general, my goal as both a verifier and speedrunner is to push precision to its limits, while not sacrificing the enjoyability of the experience as a whole. I pledge to continue in the pursuit of improving the leaderboards via verification. Along with the rest of the Minecraft Java Edition speedrunning team, I hope to help create a better experience for both speedrunners and verifiers alike. I hope that, through discussion and persistence, each action taken will help to improve the speedrunning experience as a whole.


I once had top 1 hispanic


Hello! I'm Keima (he/him). I'm an Minecraft Java Edition verifier but I've been running Bedrock Edition recently XD Have a nice day!


My name is Ben and I'm a verifier for MC Java Edition on I just finished my first year of college in the U.S and I enjoy watching minecraft speedruns.


Hi! I’m Armpitsmoothie, or just smoothie for short, I like exercising, dogs, music, and playing video games. I despise beetroot and you should too. I have been known to eat raw garlic occasionally.


Hi!! My name is Sonya, i'm 18 and i'm trying to be speedrunner, digital artist and a verifier! my favourite dinosaur is Sauroposeidon! I also like tangerines.


Hi I'm Drip, I'm 17 from Italy. I became a verifier in late august 2022, I mainly run 1.16+ rsg and 1.16+ ssg, but I also enjoy all advancements speedruns and all portals.

I also like celeste but I don't speedrun it.


Hi I'm yuukster. I like to verify runs. I like to do runs. I like to watch runs. I like to run outside.


yo im angelo - i started speedrunning minecraft in july 2021 and has been a verifier since april 2022. im from taiwan but currently live in the US. i like movies and geography and have an axolotl 🙂 i stream sometimes Twitch