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Leaderboard Mods:


Hi! I'm CD, I'm 23 and Java Moderator since... 2018. (I was actually in the community since 2016, but I was mainly running CTM maps)

It's been a long journey and it is amazing to see how much the community grew up with all the members we have now.

I know a lot about technical game stuff and I like to write cdwalls, probably the first thing you have noticed if you are an active member of the Java Edition discord. (Many lines of text, many spaces, often associated with cds & bricks).

I first cooperated with Azelef and other clever people to bring interest to Seedfinding and Eyed portals, so Set Seed runners can thank me or hate me for this :) ... but hey now you've got 12 eyed in 1.9+ hehe)

Twitter: @Crafterdark1

(I won't post other socials, as I will likely miss every DM there)

[I'm a fan of the new Time Travel glitch]



hiii! i am meera (she/her), im 20 years old, and ive been a mod since january or so. ive been running this game for more than a year now, but super casually. i started with 1.14 but now i mostly run 1.16 (come watch me on stream once a month lol). im also practicing pre1.9 end fight as my last hurdle into running that version. outside of mcsr, i go to BU to study physics, and also work in particle physics research. i love photography, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, things like that. i love being a mod and being part of this community but if u wanna watch me complain about it realtime follow me on twt @pistaacium and follow on twitch at love yall mwah <3


hey, I'm salix, also known as Wil (he/him). I've been playing Minecraft for over a decade now, and speedrunning is my newest love. I currently study mathematics and teaching! Outside of MC, I'm a competitive Wizard101 player, and if you follow my twitter @audiosalix that'll be all you ever hear about.


Hi, I'm mangohands and I help the team with code reading, mod backporting, bug fixing, and creation, other fruit related endeavors, as well as discord management and the more standard mod duties such as rule making, run investigation etc.


Hi! I'm Hayley (she/her). I'm 18, and I've been a mod for not very long. I got into MCSR through SSG (PB: 2:19). I've been on the SRC team for a while but I still have impostor syndrome about it. My greatest accomplishment so far is (the peak of technological breakthroughs)!


@winona_rar is a 4 bedder and a clout getter. Enjoys cheddar and wears a green sweater. A shitpost spreader with a funny Twitter header. A 1.6 shredder who towers better.

Leaderboard Verifiers:


I'm four. I'm in the 2nd grade. My favorite color is blue. I have a mom, a dad, and a brother. I have a pet dog named Sophie. My favorite animal is a piranha. My favorite sport is lacrosse. I like to read, play video games, and watch spongebob. When I grow up I want to be a teacher.

Hi, I'm SpeedNintendo (he/him). I'm 16 and I've been running Minecraft since January of 2019. And it has been my main speedgame for well over a year now. I have been a part of the team since early 2020, and have seen the community go from extremely niche, to extremely huge. I run basically any category I feel like, and have decent times in 1.16 RSG, and many pre-1.9 glitched categories. Including WR in SSP because I'm a complete loser. People are advertising their socials here so uh I stream on twitch hi my twitch.


Hello! I am a Minecraft Java Edition verifier and speedrunner, who currently specialises in the any% glitched category and its derivatives. As such, I have held both the random and set seed glitched world records (and hope to hold many others in the future), as well as made many renovations to the category. I have made a foray into many other categories though, as I believe the variety is integral to any speedrunning experience. I have and will continue to attempt to support the (unfairly maligned) glitched category, in addition to other categories. In general, my goal as both a verifier and speedrunner is to push precision to its limits, while not sacrificing the enjoyability of the experience as a whole. I pledge to continue in the pursuit of improving the leaderboards via verification. Along with the rest of the Minecraft Java Edition speedrunning team, I hope to help create a better experience for both speedrunners and verifiers alike. I hope that, through discussion and persistence, each action taken will help to improve the speedrunning experience as a whole.


ayooooo im bloons babey!! im absolutely cracked at mechanics, crafting, movement, and also verifying! i love DOMINATING the category extensions (FOUR WRs LMAO), and im also wildly fast at speedbuilding like its kinda insane lol. im also kinda cracked at pvp, 1v1 me on hypickle u wont >:) peep my sick ass persona the color choice is impeccable. i hav funy tweets and sick videos so go sub to me on my youtube and follow me on twt @bloobsbibber :]]] p.s. dad jokes are my specialty


I became interested in minecraft a few years ago because of my nephew, who often watched entertainment videos on Minecraft. At the time, this game seemed primitive to me, but when I tried to study it, I realized that it is very interesting for creative people. I really liked this game and especially the way speedrunners play it. It seemed to me a good show, like the tsyrkov tricks. I spent hours watching Illumina or Funderful play.


Hi, I'm Belj! I'm a data fiend, instigator of pre-1.7 all wood logs, and otherwise hub of chaos. I'm also a mod for Minecraft JE: Datapack/Modded Category Extensions and Minecraft Lovehunt. I'm a pre-1.9 supremacist, worked on the Relay Cup, and dabble in chat moderation.

Outside of MCSR, I'm a uni student and love Degrassi, space, basketball, and internet culture/history. Twitter - YouTube - Twitch.


My name is Ben and I'm a verifier for MC Java Edition on I just graduated high school and I am a twitch mod for many top MC speedrunners. I currently live in Taiwan and I hope I can also be a recognized MC speedrunner some day.


Hi, I'm zt29/Cubing_Cinematics, and I am a relatively newer verifier and chat mod for Minecraft Java Speedrunning. I first started playing Minecraft in 2013, and got into speedrunning the game in 2020. My favourite categories are Any% SSG and FSG, and I also frequently do Icarus RSG and FSG runs. I also occasionally help seedfind for new Any% SSG seeds. Besides Minecraft, I also used to enjoy cubing, hence the second name.


Hey, I'm jason543. I'm a (relatively new) leaderboard verifier. I enjoy watching others speedrun, but I do not speedrun much myself. I also like to play chess and minesweeper in my free time.