Leaderboard Changelog

04 February 2022 - Updated Mod Rules:

A few non-Caffeine mods are also allowed

- For All Versions: SpeedRunIGT, Atum (SSG AutoReset)

- For Pre1.9: TabFocus, ForcePort

- For 1.14+ All Advancements ONLY: noPeaceful

- For 1.15+: FabricProxy-Lite, Krypton, LazyDFU, Voyager, Fast Reset, AutoReset, dynamic-menu-fps, Starlight, and Force Port (co-op).

Added Atum for all versions: https://github.com/VoidXWalker/atum/releases

01 February 2022 - Updated Mod Rules:

A few non-Caffeine mods are also allowed

- For All Versions: SpeedRunIGT

- For Pre1.9: TabFocus, ForcePort

- For 1.14+ All Advancements ONLY: noPeaceful

- For 1.15+: FabricProxy-Lite, Krypton, LazyDFU, Voyager, Fast Reset, AutoReset, dynamic-menu-fps, Starlight, and Force Port (co-op).

Added ForcePort for Pre1.9: https://github.com/marinersfan824/Force-Port-Mod/releases

20 January 2022 - Added evidence standards in Any% Set Seed Glitchless:

For runs which are sub-2:05 in 1.16+, sub-3:10 in 1.9-1.15, and sub-3:30 in Pre 1.9; world and log files are required.

18 January 2022 - Updated Mod Rules:

A few non-Caffeine mods are also allowed

- For All Versions: SpeedRunIGT

- For Pre1.9: TabFocus

- For 1.14+ All Advancements ONLY: noPeaceful

- For 1.15+: FabricProxy-Lite, Krypton, LazyDFU, Voyager, Fast Reset, AutoReset, dynamic-menu-fps, Starlight, and Force Port (co-op).

You may utilize extra-options in versions 1.14+ ONLY if you tell us about a medical condition which makes it necessary in advance.

Summary of Changes:

Removed extra-options and motioNO from allowed mods.

Changed noPeaceful to allowed only for AA runs.

You may utilize extra-options in versions 1.14+ ONLY if you tell us about a medical condition which makes it necessary in advance.

12 January 2022 - Updated Mod Rules:

Legacy Fabric Loader is allowed for versions 1.0 through 1.12

For all versions: SpeedRunIGT

For pre1.9: TabFocus

For 1.15+: FabricProxy-Lite, Krypton, LazyDFU, Voyager, Fast Reset, Autoreset, dynamic-menu-fps, Starlight, and Force Port (co-op).


- Legacy Fabric Loader 1.0 through 1.12

- SpeedRunIGT added for versions before 1.15

- TabFocus for pre1.9

- Starlight for 1.15

- dynamic-menu-fps for 1.15

30 December 2021 - Added clarification to button remapping rule:

F3 shortcuts (such as F3+c, shift+F3, etc.) can't be bound to a single button.

28 December 2021 - Moved categories:

Moved the 15w14a and 20w14∞ categories from speedrun.com/mcce to speedrun.com/mc_af

27 December 2021 - Updated Calculator rules:

Only resources which are outside your game that are listed here are allowed to be utilized:

- Ninjabrain-bot [Ninjabrain1] (only v1.1.0)

- StrongholdNotCalculator [pjagada] (only v2.0)

- PerfectTravelBot [FourGoesFast] (only v1.0.0)

- DivineHeatmapGenerator [mtjb49] (only v1.1-alpha)

- Four function calculators

- Any sheets physically printed out

- reference sheets:

- any reference which is a subset of a legal reference is allowed.

- any reference which references information not based on data from the F3 menu is unilaterally allowed, i.e. stronghold rings, all structure regions sheets/graphs, villager trading tables, etc.

- four's perfect travel spreadsheet, axis calculated, divine fossil sheet, animal divine sheet, tree divine sheet, ravine/air cave/nether cave divine sheet, water cave divine sheet, and nether portal orientation divine sheet are allowed. Any other references which do not fall in the above categories are illegal.

- If you use any resources not explicitly allowed by these rules, your run may be rejected.

- Only position, angle, and dimension (notably, not biome) is allowed to be used for resources that utilize F3 information.

- Any code based tool must be on a publicly accessible repository, i.e. github.

- Links to explicitly allowed resources can be found on the extended rules document at http://bombch.us/DOOK

22 December 2021 - Updated legal mod list:

A few non-Caffeine mods are also allowed

- For 1.14+: SpeedRunIGT, and noPeaceful.

- For 1.15+: FabricProxy-Lite, Krypton, LazyDFU, motioNO, Voyager, Fast Reset, Autoreset, DynamicFPS, extra-options, and Force Port (co-op).

- For 1.16+: Starlight.

and added relevant rules:

Runs which use the SpeedRunIGT mod will utilize those times primarily, with adjustments made in case some minor bugs are found, or in cases of time removal for significant in-game lag. Top RSG run retiming will also use the splits given by the mod to calculate final board time. You may use the option to only show 0-2 decimal places, but you must submit with the full 3 decimal places. Copy and pasting the text within "igt_timer.log" (in the saves folder for the PB) into your run submission description is encouraged.

For the DynamicFPS mod, only the version linked in the detailed mod rules document is allowed.

18 December 2021 - Added a clarification to the last rule about glitched

Save reversion and time travel are both glitches defined by crashing the game in order to revert the in-game time, as well as to a previous world state. Time travel reverts the in-game time whilst modifying the world. Glitches such as (but not limited to) chest loot resetting, scouting, and mob drop resetting are disallowed in non time travel categories, however glitches such as duplication are still allowed. You also cannot use the Fast Reset mod button (menu.quitworld) during a run, as it also can cause time travel.

16 December 2021 - Added an additional mod rule

For runners utilizing the Autoreset mod, the "Stop resets and quit" button within the options menu must be shown at least once during the run, otherwise logs for the PB session must be provided

14 December 2021 - Added rule for glitched categories

Save reversion is not allowed in the glitched categories which do not allow time travel

09 December 2021 - Calculator ban is being revoked. F3+C is still allowed.

Any program or macro which screen reads is not allowed, and any attempt to get around this rule will not be tolerated (i.e. taking a screenshot and a program reading from that, etc. would not be allowed). Other tools which utilize mathematical functions or macros to utilize a calculator or spreadsheet which do not interact with the game is allowed.

27 October 2021 - Removed the following rule

All runs must be begun within 5 minutes of world generation

Runs with long pauses will now be judged by verification team discretion. As long as the runner does not have any significant periods of inactivity and the run is otherwise okay, there is no strict hard line.

02 October 2021 - Clarification:

The old pre1.9 RSG co-op spawn finder is no longer allowed (this will not affect runs currently in queue)

28 September 2021 - Updated detailed Optifine rules:

Compact F3 can no longer be used.

25 September 2021 - Updated detailed Optifine rules:

Smooth world must be off, and you may not disable weather

11 September 2021 - Clarification/change:

Runs from known cheaters will be rejected immediately and not reviewed for verification. People may appeal this status if there is some exceptional circumstance such as them coming to us to confess before being caught, or positive presence in the community following previous minor offenses

11 September 2021 - Clarification regarding custom langauges:

If a custom language is used in a way which provides a clear advantage to the run (such as through crafting book searches), your run may be rejected

04 September 2021 - Clarified submission rules

Mark your run as “F3” if you used the F3 menu, the Optifine FPS display, or any F3 hotkey

Advanced tooltips (F3+h) and render distance (F3+f) debug features are now considered F3 usage for future runs

04 September 2021 - Rule clarification for Glitchless categories:

For any categories that do not explicitly allow segmentation, if the world is quit for any reason other than working around a bug/glitch, the run will be rejected without exception.

Clarification for multi-instance:

Playing the game (not including menuing to reset) in any other instance invalidates the current run

04 September 2021 - Clarified AA Rules:

- You may segment all advancement runs, so long as you show yourself both exiting the world, and rejoining it. Additionally you may not use the same instance of minecraft (game directory) to play between sessions.

- If the run is segmented, the log file(s) from the instance must also be submitted

Clarified AA Co-op Rules:

- If the run is segmented you must submit your server log files as well

- Runs may be segmented, but the server folder may not be used for other purposes between sessions.

25 August 2021 - Changed:

- Top Level RSG Timing Rules

Top level timing rules are now lowered to sub-20 in 1.9-1.15.

For runs which are sub-13 in 1.16+, sub-20 in 1.9-1.15, and sub-23 in Pre 1.9; any pause which is not an initial load into a given location or a settings change will have the full duration of the pause timed. Runners may still request a pause to be untimed.

- Rules for Any% Glitchless Demo

Any% Glitchless Demo can now be played through the regular (non-demo) client, so long as the seed "North Carolina" (-343522682) is used, the starter chest is enabled, and the run is no longer than 1:40:25 (100 minutes 25 seconds) IGT.

- Calculator Rules

4 function calculators are no longer banned.

22 August 2021 - Changed:

"You must show either the title screen or the F3 menu before or after your run


"You must show the Full F3 screen either during the run or immediately after".

16 August 2021 - Added

- gameplay audio

as a further requirement for runs in any% RSG which are sub-13 in 1.16, sub-20 in 1.9-1.15, and sub-23 in pre1.9.

Added the following clarification for this rule as well:

- Runs which must submit gameplay audio may do so either through the main submission video or a linked separate video.

15 August 2021 - Added submission rule to All Achievements, All Advancements, and All Advancements Co-Op:

- Due to the length of runs, submissions in this category are required to include the world file of the run to assist with verification, either in the description or to the Google form

31 July 2021 - - Reduce All Portals splits from 16 -> 5.

- New splits are SS, RS, SSG, RSG, and Purist (RSG HC No F3)

The current splits will be moved into the new categories in the coming future, please excuse board mismatch for the time being as this occurs.

Clarifying rule has been added to the category:

You may play either purist or non-purist in category splits aside from All Portals Purist.

(As an example to clarify, SSG would include HC, Survival, F3, and No F3 runs)

- Added any% (Time Travel), a new category, under the misc tab.

- Added in Game Rules under Glitched Rules:

- You may not time travel in glitched categories unless otherwise specified in its category rules.

22 July 2021 - Starlight version 1.0.0-RC2 or later (for Fabric) is now allowed. Additionally the "CaffeineMC" variable has been renamed to "Modded".

19 July 2021 - Changed FSG evidence standards to:

- Runs which are sub-7 require world files and evidence of past attempts.

- Runs which are sub-9 require evidence of past attempts.

14 July 2021 - - Added Combined SSG to the leaderboards

Combined RSG was renamed to Combined Any% Glitchless and split into Set Seed and Random Seed. Any runner who has a verified run in all three version splits (Pre 1.9, 1.9-1.15, 1.16+) for either RSG or SSG will have their times automatically combined and put on the board

07 July 2021 - Changed RSG evidence standards to:

Runs which are sub-17 in 1.16+ require world files and evidence of past attempts

Changed RSG timing rule standards to:

Runs which are sub-23 in pre1.9 are to be timed under the new timing rules

26 June 2021 - Updated rules for Scout and Route Glitchless, no /seed:

- A macro may be used during the scouting period, for the following commands only: /tp, /locate, /setblock, and /gamemode. Any other use of macros may result in the run being rejected.

- No commands may be executed outside of the chat (e.g. command blocks).

Updated general submission rules:

- Mark your run as “F3” if you used the F3 menu, the Optifine FPS display, or any F3 hotkey other than F3+H or F3+F

Since F3+F can be used to change the render distance, something that can also be achieved by changing settings, using this hotkey will not disallow a run from being marked as "No F3"

25 June 2021 - Updated Game Rules to account for multi-instancing

- Use only one world

- If you open multiple instances of Minecraft, they must each be in unique directories so they cannot influence each other in any way.

- Each instance must be shown in recording. If official submitted video does not have each instance being shown, a separate video must ALSO be submitted showing each instance.

Updated RSG Submission rules to account for multi-instancing

Previous world files and logs should be submitted from the instance of Minecraft in which the run was completed. We may request world files and/or logs from other instances, if other instances of Minecraft were being run at the same time.

19 June 2021 - Exception made to reset macros:

Automatic reset macros are allowed in Set Seed categories.

Clarification: Automatic reset macros refer to a macro that automatically resets undesirable spawn locations without player inputs.

18 June 2021 - Split All Minerals for 1.17 to add the following objectives

- Obtain:

- Copper Ingot

- Amethyst Shard

17 June 2021 - - Added specific board size requirement for 15w14a Win Minescreeper:

- The Minescreeper board must be 8 tiles by 25 tiles starting from when the first tile is revealed to when the game is completed. This can be achieved by using the default windowed resolution of 856x482.

- Previously submitted 15w14a Win Minescreeper runs using a different board size or window skip will be moved to Any% over the following days

16 June 2021 - Modified rule about options.txt to allow pre-setting difficulty by modifying options.txt

- Do not alter options.txt to circumvent the bounds on them set by the game with the following exceptions:

- Gamma, which can be set up to 5.0

- Difficulty

12 June 2021 - Added rule to any% RSG

All runs must be begun within 5 minutes of world generation.

09 June 2021 - Clarified submission requirements for RSG any%

For pre1.9:

-sub-25 runs must submit world files

-sub-23 runs must submit world files and logs

For 1.9-1.15:

-sub-23 runs must submit world files

-sub-20 runs must submit world files and logs

For 1.16+:

-sub-20 runs must submit world files and evidence of past attempts

-sub-13 runs must submit world files, evidence of past attempts, previous world files (5 preferable), and logs

Logs can be found in the .minecraft/logs folder. If you are unsure which session has your run, submit logs for that entire day and also the log with the name "latest.log"

You may also be asked to submit:

-A full raw recording of run

-The editing files from whatever program you edited the video on

We may request any additional evidence should we believe it to be necessary for ensuring the legitimacy of your run.

Please don't delete anything until your run has been verified; it may be useful to help ensure its legitimacy. If you have any questions, please open a ticket in the discord immediately after your run so we may get in contact with you to help assist you in providing any evidence you need.

07 June 2021 - Split Any% SSG 1.9-1.15 from Any% SSG 1.16+.

We will be manually moving runs over the course of this week. The leaderboard may look odd as we move the runs over.

27 May 2021 - Clarified the all bosses rules:

- A boss is counted as killed if it dies as a result of the player's actions

- For example, an elder guardian suffocating due to spawning inside of a block would not count

- It must be possible to unambiguously confirm the boss died. If it isn't clear from the video, you need to provide world files so we can confirm.

- The statistics menu, progress towards the monsters hunted advancement, visually seeing the death animation, and subtitles all count as ways to confirm a death from video.

22 May 2021 - Exception made to in-game macros: Toggle sprint macros are allowed in all versions.

14 May 2021 - Added a Google Form in order to provide extra proof for runs, such as world files, 5 previous worlds, etc. forms.gle/v7oPXfjfi7553jkp7

12 May 2021 - Runs submitted to glitched categories are required to use at least one glitch.

Previously accepted glitchless runs will be removed retroactively from the Glitched leaderboards over the following days

09 May 2021 - After hearing some feedback, we have decided on some clarifications/changes:

The first 5 seconds of setting change pauses will not be timed. Any obvious abuse of this system will be subjected to time added on (for example, changing FOV by 1 frequently to get free pauses)

1.14 retiming will be for sub-25 because in this version ranking by pure IGT is inaccurate as shown in the comparison to the old retiming method (which was RTA-Loads-Pauses-impeding lag)

For runs not under the threshold such as sub-14s, if the runner believes most of their pause time wouldn't be counted under the standard used for top runs, they can request a retime.

08 May 2021 - Split All Wood Logs into Pre-1.2, 1.2-1.6, 1.7-1.15, and 1.16+ to account for versions before certain logs were added

07 May 2021 - SRG: Scout and Route Glitchless - RSG + Scouting

General Rules

Seed must be run after 10 minutes of scouting.

After 10 minutes RTA, the runner must save and quit, and immediately recreate the same world in survival mode, no cheats, and default gamerules.

Any texture pack is allowed for the scouting segment but should be de-activated after the scouting segment before save and quitting.

/datapacks must be run at the end of the run.

If the scouting segment goes past 10 minutes the excess time will be added to the leaderboard time.

SRG No /seed specific rules:

/seed cannot be executed

No external program may be used.

SRG /seed specific rules:

/seed can be executed at any point in the 10 minute scouting segment.

Any external programs may be used that are not a mod or client of the game.

06 May 2021 - Runs which are not sub-13 in 1.16+, sub-20 in 1.9-1.15, and sub-24 in pre1.9 will be timed with igt.

Runs which are sub-13 in 1.16+, sub-20 in 1.9-1.15, and sub-24 in pre1.9, will follow a stricter guideline for pausing, retimed by us as follows: All other pauses longer than 10 seconds will be shortened to 10 seconds, and pauses shorter than 10 seconds will be unchanged and timed. Dimension change pauses will be untimed. You may request other specific pauses be untimed so long as you provide a reason, the length of the pause, and it's timestamp. Some reasons may include mental health concerns (such as panic attacks), irl interruptions which couldn’t be reasonably avoided, and other reasonings that involve things that are beyond the runners control. The pause must also make sense for the reasoning given, e.g. if you have short and frequent pauses and your reasoning was an irl disturbance and asked to remove all of the pauses, it may not be accepted.

Math pauses will not be counted as distinct any longer and will follow under these rules as a normal pause.

This will affect any run submitted more than 5 days after this announcement, and previous runs will not be affected.

Ideally, we are working on a timer of some sort which can time these systems automatically, but we are not sure when that will happen, so as of now the retiming for top runs will be done manually.

06 May 2021 - Change SS 1.9-1.13/1.14+ No Time Travel to:

The in-game timer is terribly inaccurate for glitched, since you can lag your game to slow down the timer. To remedy this, we are planning to retime SS 1.9+ glitched runs that are sub-2:30. Ghast resetting/reverting back will not be counted in retimes, and save and quits will be treated like dimension loads. Since some lag is necessary for certain glitches, lag will be accounted for when possible.

Glitched specific retime rules are as such: F3+T (rotation while game is paused), won't be timed, as all you can do is rotate. Joining the world on autopause will add the amount of time the in-game timer adds (or 0.2 seconds if no timer). Since each crash to revert the game makes the day move forward about 0.5 seconds, if you abuse this (such as to set it to night), this time will be added.

04 May 2021 - Added All Advancements Co-op to misc (currently only RSG 1.16, to be expanded if runs of other categories or versions are done)

01 May 2021 - Split Any% (Glitched) between Pre 1.9, 1.9-1.13, and 1.14+

Split Any% (Glitched) between Time Travel and No Time Travel

26 April 2021 - -added rule to Main Board RSG co-op:

For competitive (top fifteen) times, videos of all perspectives are required for 2-4 player runs, four perspectives for 5-9 player runs, and five for 10+.

25 April 2021 - -Clarifications for the recreate world button ban:

Recreate world button recreates datapacks and gamerules for versions 1.16 and above, and thus this rule will only be in effect for runs in those versions. The rule will be updated to include this.

For reset efficiency, we recommend using a macro (there is one you can find in #resources in the SSG discord). This is a small change but arguably faster and easier than recreate world anyways. It also makes the job of verification easier, and helps keep the integrity of the leaderboards for non top level runs, for which we cannot reasonably check world files every single time.

To be clear, this rule will not be enforced harshly. First offenders will be warned and pointed to the macro, and there will be a grace period of enforcing this regardless.

-Clarifications on co-op rules:

If /time set 0 is not done, then time starts when the server loads the world. If the server being launched isn't shown on video, world files or logs may be required to retime the run.

23 April 2021 - - Added FSG Co-op rules

- Added a specific time cutoff for the world file requirement:

For sub 10 fsg runs, runners are required to send in world files linked in run description or through a #help ticket through our discord. If requested, any top runs longer than 10 minutes are also required to send in world files.

- Added a specific time requirement for running a seed after it is generated. Updated rules on running generators during attempts:

Runners must start playing the seed no more than 30 seconds after it is generated, or directly after resetting the previous world. If you choose to generate seeds for the next run while attempting the current run, you must send the appropriate world files/logs for the submitted run, and the run directly prior to it (if applicable). If running FSG through repl.it is too slow, it is recommended to run FSG locally.

- Added a tutorial for running FSG locally here:


21 April 2021 - Changed rules for set seed categories:

You cannot use the recreate world button to generate worlds

14 April 2021 - Clarified game rules to read:

"If you submit a run, you are agreeing to send the game moderators extra proof (in particular but not limited to unedited local recordings of attempts and world save files) upon request, for both Main Boards and Category Extensions. Refusal to comply may result in rejection. These are always appreciated to be linked in the run description, but not required unless specified for category rules or if requested by the moderation team.

13 April 2021 - Split all wool for pre-1.14 and 1.14+

12 April 2021 - Based on the results of the automatic resetting poll, and having not seen a clear consensus disagreeing with these results from top runners or anything, we have decided:

Any reset macros must be triggered manually. They cannot look at the game files or screen read in order to determine whether to reset.

(This has no impact on advancement trackers for all advancements or anything like that, those are still allowed.)

28 March 2021 - Added a requirement that each screen of world creation be shown for ease of verification. If you're using a macro to create worlds, a delay between inputs of at least 70ms is recommended to ensure all show up on video.

24 March 2021 - Changed requirement for zipped .minecraft/logs folder to just the log file containing the run (you can submit a few days worth if you're not exactly sure which it is)

23 March 2021 - Added FSG co-op

19 March 2021 - Optifine is now banned for 1.15+. Additionally, my 1.15 Sodium build is now officially allowed.

19 March 2021 - The pie radar feature was backported to 1.14 by optifine. Since it’s unavailable in vanilla, using it in 1.14 is banned.

12 March 2021 - •Clarified the evidence standards for 1.7 and 1.14 RSG - they are also required to provide logs and previous world files

•Updated the detailed rules and evidence standards documents to reflect changes that have been made since they were first written

•Clarified that using LAN for co-op runs is acceptable, and that you can start time like a singleplayer run if you wish when using LAN

09 March 2021 - Added a clarification that the "no mods outside the listed exceptions" rule indeed bans all mods, including bukkit, paper, and other server mods, which are not in the listed exceptions.